Welcome TIGI’s #FutureProof campaign, a brand identity built on profit driven products, salon exclusive retail and fast performing services that reaffirm the brand as an essential salon partner, especially during these difficult times.

The brand aims to help their partnering salons by pioneering new strategies in the digital space, made to optimise their digital marketing presence and present new ecommerce capabilities. The local TIGI team can create photo, video and other digital content to aid salons in marketing, and offer a total digital salon makeover for their clients to drive awareness and bring clients back through salon doors, with complimentary packages for TIGI clients.

In marketing more generally, the brand will provide education to salons on how to advertise their business and utilise their database with newsletters, promotions, product information, loyalty ideas, google ads and more. The brand will provide templates that range from referrals to gift certificates and salon menus with specific features. The brand will extend this marketing intel to working with their salons on pivotal social media strategies.

TIGI is expanding on this digital mindset with savvy business analytics offered to salons, including profits, costs, retail, education and more around re-opening. This campaign puts a spotlight on salons and reviews elements of the industry that are necessary for those salons to thrive in business, while also seeing the brand’s synergistic place within these salon components.

TIGI’s SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment is touted as a hero product to help salons within these campaigns, offering an efficient and effective five minute treatment that allows for professionalism, profits, performance and pure speed. This epitomises the TIGI brand as it works with its salons and responds to the difficulties of COVID-19. Think of it as a salon tool and partner that uses product ranges, education, customer service, marketing strategies and business intelligence to help salons through a worrying time. What more could you ask for?

For more information visit www.tigi.com