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TIGI Unveils 2016 Collection in Sydney

Last night, TIGI gathered roughly 170 stylists in the red-lit Cell Block Theatre of the National Art School. The purpose was to unveil the brand’s daring 2016 collection, previously previewed at the World Release in Las Vegas and now showcased in full to a ready and waiting Sydney audience.

IMG_6715Inspired by and specifically utilising the TIGI Copyright Colour, Bed Head, Catwalk and S Factor ranges, the collection incorporated creative and commercial colour, cut and, for the first time, styling elements, thanks in particular to the all-new S Factor range.


Jacen Ward leads the presentation on stage

While Chelsey Lloyd outlined the colour direction of each look, Nathan Glynn, Courtney Mason and Jacen Ward presented the first three models on stage – with Jacen showing off his colour, and especially blonde, expertise, Courtney doing a bold undercut crop and Nathan utilising the exciting new Joyride product to add a fresh twist on the iconic Rachel hair style. Joyride provided a main product focus throughout the show – where its texturising, volumising and priming capabilities were used in full on both wet and dry haircuts.


Chelsey Lloyd and Nathan Glynn on stage

Throughout the vast selection of both live and pre-done styles, a range of unique and trendy techniques were utilised including two-tiered glazing, hair contouring and the buckling blow dry technique. The final looks ranged from edgy rock chick looks for the Bed Head collection, to the softer, styling-centric S Factor looks and the runway inspired Catwalk styles.

Ending the evening by announcing the creatively and technically ambitious new TIGI app debuting next year, TIGI showcased why they continue to be front of mind. New innovations, daring looks and effective products are a reliably winning combination.


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