The inimitable international community of TONI&GUY congregated once again in the brand’s second annual global digital event, as watched by over 5000 people and which provided an inspirational and artistic showcase true to the brand’s values.

Led by the TONI&GUY International Artistic Team and partners from around the world, the event offered education and creative hair looks to inspire in a one-hour presentation, including presentations of the newest brand campaigns, as well as British Hairdressing Award inspirations and collections and the feature label.m relaunch with new product lines and a refreshed brand aesthetic.

Fashion Week was a staple, with looks from major global runways becoming features of the show, and an Avant Garde finale helped to sign off in spectacular fashion. In these endeavours, teams from Australia, China, Spain, Italy and Japan presented their looks and the intricate motivations and designs behind them.

The evening also presented the TONI&GUY Global Awards, where our own Australian talents represented well. TONI&GUY Armadale in Melbourne won the International Salon Award, and Australia’s iteration of label.m won the award for label.m Distributor of the Year. See the full list of award winners below.

The event began with a welcome from Global Brand Director and Owner, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck and CEO Nigel Darwin, both of whom spoke about the power and connectivity of the TONI&GUY international family while thanking all the teams for their extreme efforts through these difficult times and looking to the future of the brand and label.m.

Global Creative Director Cos Sakkas and International Manager Eamonn Boreham kicked off the creative sessions by previewing the creative insights to come. International Artistic Directors Daniele de Angelis and Siobhan Haug introduced the 2021 brand campaign, Immersion, which launches in January 2022 and celebrates TONI&GUY’s heritage, fashion DNA and education ethos, while pointing to current trends. The aesthetic includes shapes, textures and tones created by the brand’s signature techniques and that are relevant to the salon, with the ability to tailor them to various clients as Immersion celebrates diversity and individuality.

Next, International Artistic Directors Philipp Haug and Stuart Matuska introduced the academy education and creative campaign, titled Co-Lab, which fuses every session aspect, from makeup to photography, to truly portray the creative process, merging six individual British Hairdressing Award collections by the International Artistic Team to spread the message of unity in individual talent.

After this, Cos and International Technical Education Director Jo O’Neill showed off the new label.m campaign, named label.less, offering insights into its focus points of individual beauty with a premium feel, self-expression and high quality hair. Natural and golden tones in the hair and styling and a sense of high fashion define the aesthetic of the campaign.

The event finale culminated in the Avant Garde presentation of the British Hairdressing Award collection by International Artistic Director, Efi Davies, ending the night on an awe-inspiring aesthetic high.

Continuing to inspire globally and through the screen in these circumstances, TONI&GUY’s impact continues to adapt and stay ever-present, as solidified by the sophomore global digital event. Congratulations to the award winners.

International Salon Award
TONI&GUY Armadale, Melbourne, Australia

UK Company Owned Salon Award
TONI&GUY Covent Garden

UK Partner Salon Award
TONI&GUY Southend

Best Global Commercial Hairdresser Award
Melisa Hernandez – TONI&GUY Republique/Bastille, France

Best Salon Design Award
TONI&GUY Westfield NL, Netherlands

Global Rising Star Award
Tamzin Harrison – TONI&GUY Bluewater, UK

Global Creative Hairdresser Award
Egle Razvadauskaite, TONI&GUY Canary Wharf, UK

Global Social Media Award
Zahid Mahmood, TONI&GUY North Pakistan

label.m TONI&GUY Salon of the Year

label.m Concept Salon of the Year
Chandler Wright Hair, UK

label.m Distributor of the Year
label.m Australia

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