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Top 10 Salon Makeovers with Tabatha Coffey

In a laughter, not to mention expletive-filled, 90 minute session with Tabatha Coffey, the audience was captivated through an informal recap of some of Tabatha’s most difficult salon makeovers, writes Chloe Falivene.


Recounting the biggest sins of struggling salons, Tabatha stressed again and again that success comes when salon owners face their fears. “Successes come from people that say ‘I know I should’ve done that, I just didn’t have the balls,’” she quipped. Whether that’s dealing with the employee gossip, setting personal boundaries with clients, or knowing when to let go, the session was filled with anecdotes about what success really looks like.

The session was also comprised of practical tips and gems, but the best came after a query about how salons can move product: the rule of threes. When you’re counseling a client after a session, stylists should present three products to them as an insurance policy for all the hard work they’ve just put in. Clients may say no – or they may choose just one. The point is, stylists have an opportunity to increase revenue and give clients the tools that they actually need to take care of their new look. “No is not a bad word!” Tabatha said. “No is an opportunity to be a yes.”


From grassroots marketing to tough love, there’s no doubt the audience will be saying ‘yes’ to many more lucrative opportunities after that stellar session. Thanks, Tabatha!

Images by Oneill Photographics.

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