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Tracey Hughes Spearheads Female-Focused Hair Industry Panel

An impressive group of hair centric women (that’s Eden Sassoon, Candy Shaw, Sonya Dove, Jenny Strebe and our own Tracey Hughes) will be congregating on stage for a panel in Florida to address the many issues facing women in the beauty and hair industries.

The event has been spearheaded by Tracey who handpicked the group of determined hair philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business-owners and educators. The session will be compered by hair educator and ‘token guy’ Sam Villa, and will see the women share their own motivational stories about triumphing over their own unique adversities in the industry.

“We aim to provide the audience with a raw, emotional, honest and heartfelt look into life on the road and in the limelight,” Tracey shared. “About what it takes to get to the top (and stay there)! And about the quest for that all elusive ‘holy grail’ known as ‘balance.’”

The panellists all have their claims to fame, for example Eden is daughter of Vidal Sassoon (and a star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) who established the charity Beauty Gives Back, while Candy is a balayage expert (famously touted as the Balay Lama) who runs a fully women-owned company and a 50 station salon. Sonya is a hair educator and the Color Director for the Intercoiffure Colour Council, and Jenny is a viral hairdressing star, well known for her Confessions of a Hairstylist platform, multiple hair tutorial books and innovative app technology.

Lastly (but obviously not least) Tracey is the world’s only ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ in the beauty industry, with a myriad of education awards to her name and an accumulated education audience of half a million stylists in over 23 countries.

The women will each have a unique take on the industry and the ingredients needed for success, and they all have their own inspiring accomplishments, attitudes and skills to motivate the audience. If you were looking for an excuse to head to The States, we think we’ve found it.

The seminar will take place at Premiere Orlando on June 5.

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