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Trend Alert: Glow In The Dark Hair

After 2015 took rainbow hair to its heights, you were probably wondering how 2016 would follow that up. Well the first big colour hair trend of the new year is showing that 2016 will be just as daring a year for hair colour as its predecessor, with the sci-fi inspired Glow In The Dark Hair rising to prominence.


The look became popular after a #starwarspoplocks social media competition, where users were tasked with creating colour hair looks based on the franchise. While we have no doubt most of the entries made use of Leia’s famous dual-buns, Las Vegas-based hair and makeup artist Mishele DiMaria put forward something a little different – winning the contest with her glow in the dark entry.


Hair by Mishele DiMaria

In daylight, they’re creative multi-coloured looks; in the dark, they glowing rainbow hues. Dubbed the ‘hair of the future’ (despite Star Wars being set ‘a long, long time ago’), the looks make use of black light sensitive hair colour, painted on like regular rainbow styles but with that surprising sci-fi extra. Since Mishele started the trend, other colourists have taken to Instagram to show off their work.


Ideal for the Star Wars enthusiast in all of us, and for anyone wanting to do something a little different with their next editorial offering – glow in the dark hair has set the tone for 2016 creative colour. Where will the trends go next?


Hair by Mishele DiMaria

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