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Trend Alert: Rainbow Corner Blocks

There’s a few places to look when you want to find out what’s trending – the Internet, your fellow hairdressing legends and of, of course, well-known celebrity stylists – and you can acknowledge a big-name, high-profile colourist for the latest rainbow colour craze.

L.A.-based hairdresser Daniel Moon (the master behind Kanye West’s sherbet hair, Miley Cyrus’ ever-changing hues and Nicole Richie iconic colours) has launched a new colour idea out into the ether – meet Rainbow Colour Blocks, another take on specified rainbow colour.

Hidden Rainbow Hair (the trend that keeps crazy colours to the under layers of the hair in order to hide these hues unless your client reveals them) was a popular trend last year, and Rainbow Corner Blocks uses the same concept – but with different placement to achieve unique results. Daniel also compares the trend to the Hidden Hair Tattoo trend, another trend that could be worn vividly or conservatively – hidden or revealed – based on your client’s occasion or mood.

“Rainbow Corner Blocks are what’s up,” he told Refinery29, of the multi-tonal look. “That is, colour done just at the nape of the neck or in a ‘corner slice’ fashion. Rainbow a small section and [you can] wrap your client’s ponytail with it.”

You can thank the Internet (and us) for helping this trend move so rapidly from California to Australia – learn it, master it and introduce the notion to your astounded clients to look like the colour expert we know you are.

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