The challenges of 2020 haven’t stopped creative hair trends, and with street style now not a thing and runway looks limited, its been social media, from TikTok to Instagram and YouTube, that has defined the hair looks your clients want.

When it comes to creativity, and trending men’s hair looks, the ‘trippy buzz cut’ has been seen from social feeds to A-list stars.

“Salons should be doing everything they can to experiment with these looks as they will be the landscape of men’s grooming for some time,” explained TIGI education manager Carl Ivanoff. “It gives hairdressers a new canvas of creativity that was normally only reserved for fashion shoots and runways. Lots of our TIGI copyright salons have been playing around with experimental techniques to create the ‘tie-dye’ look and some dimensional psychedelic looks. We are having so much fun working out new ways to execute these colours.”

“We have seen through our Instagram stories, many colours are being painted and etched into the hair. We especially love the graffiti look, it’s a new concept of hair art unique to 2020,” he continued. “We see TIGI Copyright colour stand strong in the marketplace as a hybrid range allowing intermixing of the entire colour portfolio. This gives colourist maximum freedom and endless creative options.”

TIGI is consistently trend-focused as a brand, advocating for quirky, strong, evolved colour, looks and style. The trippy buzz cut merges bold colour and a focus on men’s hair for the ideal phenomenon, pairing with athlesisure looks for a style that’s now as at home on a daily wearable basis as it would be on the runway.

A-list male stars leading the way in bright-cropped colour include Kanye West, Jonah Hill, Zayn Malik and Tyler the Creator. In specific trends, psychedelic hand-painted tie-dye, spray paint-style graffiti looks, classic bold or pastel colours, flames, animal prints, smiley faces and more are all on offer.

“To create the tie-dye look find a tie-dye look pattern and print it out. Use it to guide you on how to shape and merge the colours. Use a small angled tint brush and use your fingers to smudge the colour where needed,” Carl suggested.

Get painting and stay totally trending, with this highly artistic craze.

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