It returns to salons every so often, and with Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and most recently Emma Stone adopting the fan-favourite tone of platinum blonde in just the past few weeks, you can definitively say the trend is back for winter. For good measure, all these celebrities chopped their hair into a shaggy bob too, becoming something of a very glamorous platinum bob army, and your clients are sure to follow suit – both the women and the men.

Taylor Swift in Vogue

“It’s one of those trends that comes around,” said Lucy Hamilton, creative director for Alan Buki for O&M.syd, who pointed to the trend’s timely occurrence for Australian winter, despite celebrities donning it for summer overseas. “I like it in winter months, because it’s that cool, icy tone, also it’s a bit bolder. The colder months are when you’ve lost your tan a little more, so it can suit paler tones better. If you’re wearing a bright red lip or a dark brow it can really stand out.”

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 11: Kristen Stewart attends the "Cafe Society" photocall which will open the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 11, 2016 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Tony Barson/FilmMagic)
Kristen Stewart

While the tale is well told about the plight of brunettes turning to platinum (Kim will always own this space, which Lucy refers to as “one of the hardest things to do in hair”), blondes like Taylor and J-Law are doing it a bit easier, making their natural, beachy blonde tones more icy. This makes it a trend your very brave, very committed darker clients can follow (attempt at your own volition), or blonde clients can turn to on more of a whim.

Jennifer Lawrence

While the great influx of female clients wanting platinum hair is yet to hit (although, with so many celebrities making it a bona fide ‘it’ colour for mid-2016, the new wave feels imminent), surprisingly, it’s the men who are opting for the icy blonde platinum tone. Lucy has felt the increase in salon herself, changing the colour of many male clients in just the last two or three weeks, including Scoopla presenter Justin Hill.

Taylor Swift in Vogue

“It’s a much more recent thing for men. It’s such a big trend that guys can make a statement and get away with colouring their hair more,” Lucy said. “I recently did the colour for Justin Hill and he said he had it done for the Logies in the past and he had so many more people trying to interview him and take his picture so he did it again for the Logies this year. It’s definitely something if you want to stand out or get noticed a little more.” The pair even filmed an online video showcasing ‘Six Steps to Perfect Ice Platinum Hair’, which you can watch and learn from below.

Once it’s headlining the tabloids, defining the Met Gala red carpet and making waves with Taylor Swift on the front cover of Vogue, platinum hair is officially a thing, again. Best to master it now and accept it’s perpetuity for the rest of salon time.

Emma Stone