Trend alert from the UK – the curly fringe is definitively in right now, merging supreme cuts with natural and diverse styles and textures, and becoming entirely relevant for curly-haired clients.


According to Sam Ashcroft, a member of the creative team at Brooks & Brooks, London, this look thrives with individual approaches and by catering to versatile textures, rather than being treated with a more universal approach.


“We know that a little goes a long way when cutting curly hair and creating a great shape can last months,” he said. “Traditionally fringes and curly hair have been thought of as a big no, but times are changing and we think curly fringes are a great way of giving you an easy cool-girl style.”


Within this trend there are a multitude of fringes that can suit curly-haired clients, with Sam recommending super wide to short and micro styles, with headbands poised as a go-to accessory. Longer fringes and eyebrow-skimming cuts that blend into the sides can also be an ideal feature style.


As style icons, think Stevie Nicks as the OG muse, with current favourites Zendaya, Lily Collins, Beyoncé and Ciara leading the way as of late.

Happy cutting!