Styling a men’s and women’s look for a culturally inspired Baja East SS15 show at NYFW, UNITE created rich, textured and tousled looks to complement vivid, electric blue tones, Mediterranean silhouettes and the collection’s overall theme of travel.

Baja_East New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 September 2014

Collaborating with product partner Go 24-7 for the male look, Hair Director Kevin Ryan produced a voluminous, contemporary male style with plenty of body at the top that gave the models a worldly aura.

“A young man that is well travelled – with a strong nod to Peter Lindbergh’s tomboys,” said Ryan of the inspiration behind the look. “The look is lived in but beautiful and the hair has a practicality to it. The feel is that the hair started with a slick, groomed style which has become undone just by living life to the fullest. The hair’s texture has an oil and water effect – a mix of dry and sleek textures.”

Baja_East New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 September 2014

The female look adopted a similar viewpoint, creating a girl who looked as if her pristine blow dry had gradually become more and more unfinished in the midst of her international escapades. The use of pulled out pieces in a reverse braid made for a loose, layered and textured effect that looked stylish without ever feeling too styled.

Baja_EastNew York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 September 2014

How to get the female look:

1. On damp hair, spray Unite Expanda Volume ($27.50) on the roots and Unite Beach Day ($29.95) through the ends.
2. Blow dry wet hair completely, creating volume at the front of the crown.
3. Once dry, backcomb at the roots to create additional volume and texture.
4. Gather all of the hair at the base of the neck and twist into a loose bun.
5. Using forceps, pull sections of hair out of the bun, to create a braid in reverse.
6. Continue to pull out hair until hair is loosely braided down the center of the back.
7. Once braid is complete, sprinkle and massage Unite Expanda Dust ($26.25) through the roots to create an “oily” texture to counterbalance the dryness of the ends, and build more volume.
8. Finish the look by spraying lots of Unite Tricky Spray ($31), a spray wax, to the front roots and throughout the braid. Work in with the fingers for matte shine and texture.

Baja_East New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 September 2014

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