The Adelaide hairdressing community is entering an exciting era of creativity and prosperity with the launch of the UNITY Hair Education Collaboration, writes Zoe Brown.

Combining their passion for hair and industry education, In Awe Salon’s Megan Panozzo and Director of Hair Brain Education Abi Wales, have teamed up to deliver an enlightening, educational and collaborative experience for the entire South Australian hairdressing community.

Showcasing the skill, artistry and knowledge of some of the community’s leading figures, the collaboration acts as a platform for South Australian creative artists and educators to grow stronger connections within the local hair community.

“Abi & I have come together in the most dynamic way, and we can’t wait to share the infectious energy that we and so many other stylists/educators have to offer. If we can contribute to the growth of our local industry through watching and participation it can only be an amazing outcome,” Megan said.

Abi Wales is a veteran in the industry. Having worked across the globe creating style and providing education for some of the world’s most renowned fashion houses and a copious amount of salons, she is well-equipped to educate and thereby refine the South Australian hairdressing scene.

Participation in the collaboration is open to all in the industry. The overall aim is to provide education and inspiration by means of displaying a variety of minds, imaginations and skillsets.

“We will be showcasing juniors all the way through to owners, managers and educators, there isn’t a cap on any level of creativity or imagination! I feel like there is nothing like this in our industry and there is a real market for sharing ideas and connecting with each other,” Abi shared.

The first instalment of the UNITY Hair Education Collaboration took place on Monday May 31 at In Awe salon, where lead presenters Abi and Megan were joined by In Awe’s third year hairdresser Demi Gow-Smith. The trio each demonstrated how to achieve different hair styles and ways to thoughtfully utilities colour.

Abi showcased two haircuts, a curly style showcasing specific scissor techniques for curly hair, and a short, layered shag technique. Megan demonstrated how to create shape and texture with colour in curly hair, and Demi presented a pre-done model, highlighting her creative use of colour. 

Tickets for the first session were quick to sell out and tickets for the second instalment on July 12 are also going fast.

“We can’t wait to start the UNITY Hair Education movement in Adelaide, and with all our artists already booked for key dates this year, we’re looking at educators and salons for next year! Watch this space,” Megan said.

Providing an opportunity to brush up on skills and techniques, as well as draw inspiration and pick the brain’s of some of the community’s most celebrated figures, this educational experience is not one to be missed for those within Adelaide’s hairdressing industry.

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