Trending looks are often dictated by ‘it’ girls, and breakthrough British actress Florence Pugh is rapidly picking up that title. As a burgeoning queen of red carpet up styles, her various looks are inspiring, classic and unique in their own ways.

TIGI Education Manager Carl Ivanoff explored the many up styles you can create and follow from this new muse, from her go-to textured topknot, to more intricate styles. Many of her looks are a tribute to the Hollywood golden age with flapper styles, rolls and twists all modernised to be worn with current fashion trends.

Using the TIGI Bedhead collection, the red carpet, salon-relevant and editorially savvy looks can be created with the kit arsenal of Small Talk, Queen For A Day, Oh Bee Hive, After Party, Head Rush and Master Piece, for any iteration of volume, home, texture, shine and finish with various levels of hold and quality.

Learn some of her major looks from Carl, below.

The Sleek Sweep     

This look is built with a strong foundation, with top-tier preparation, blow-dried and straightened hair and then finally styling with a medium hold gel applied in sections with a fine tint brush, before combing into place and drying with a diffuser.

Four Strand Rope Braid

This intricate look’s complexity is best created by two stylists working in tandem.

“Creating a rope raid is much easier with two people passing the sections back and forth,” Carl explained. “For extra grip on the hair, a texture spray or dry shampoo will prevent the hair from slipping out of the rope shape. Finishing this look with a gloss or shine spray adds extra glamour to the look and gives it a red-carpet finish. After Party seals any ends and gives the hair even more shine reflection.”

Twisted S Bend

Firm pins and the utmost security are essential to this look, with hair blow-dried and carefully sectioned to support the stylistic twist.

“A great session styling hack to get the look firmly held in place is to weave strong fringe pins in under the twists,” Carl explained. “The pins should be sprayed with Dry Shampoo, Texture Spray or Hairspray to create a firm anchor for the look to be stabilised. This look may require some hair wefts if the hair isn’t long enough to create an S shape.”

Double Textured Buns

“Texture is everything for this look, so make sure you’re not working with clean slippery hair. The more roughed up the better. If the hair has a natural slippery texture you may want to put some messy waves in first to give the hair more bandwidth to separate,” Carl said. “If the hair is really fine and you’re having problems bulking up the look, try some backcombing or micro crimping at the roots to expand the volume of the hair.”

Accessories add a particularly unique point of difference to this modern twist on red carpet style.

“Place your pins and clips set off the side and make sure they are asymmetric from one another,” Carl instructed. “When it comes to creating the buns, the messier the better so break all the rules if you need to. Pin the buns in using your visual sense as the guide rather than an accurate technique.”

Wet Look Water Wave


This look is a combination of The Sleek Sweep and the Twisted S Bend, merging a pristine gelled style wave at the front of the hair and a firm and polished bun at the apex.

“The technique is simple,” Carl shared. “First, carve out a triangular-shaped section at the front parting and section it away. Create a high ponytail to sit on the apex of the head. Unclip the front section and use a water waving technique to give the hair the classic bend that comes forward across the forehead. Use Pin Curl clips to place the wave and allow it to dry. You could also use a heated tool to create this shape if you prefer. Then incorporate the remaining hair into the ponytail and wrap the hair into a bun and secure. This look will need loads of finishing sprays to keep it looking ‘tight’ all night long.”

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