An aesthetic sequel and thematic expansion on his Streets of New York Collection, Uros Mikic of Kinky Curly Straight has extended this street style to the rest of the globe in the Urban Queens collection. Six looks that signify Paris, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, London and Cape Town showcase the cultural diversity of the globe, united by an overall 1970s boho aesthetic.

Like the Streets of New York collection, these images were inspired by Uros’ recent trip to NY, where he was given a strong look at the epitome of urban chic.

“The cuts have an element of disconnect to create a strong feel while the styling keeps it feminine and soft,” Uros said. “It was fun to also incorporate strong men’s barbering techniques like fading into the styling to achieve a harsh, edgy shape.”

This is complemented by soft, subtle colouring, with highlights that are reminiscent of the 70s. More extreme textures and shapes contrast this understated use of colour.

“The shapes were built with texture and volume to create bigger and fuller style,” Uros explained. “I used a variety of curling techniques to achieve different textures which enabled me to mould into the desired shape.”

Each look incorporates features that indicate its urban inspiration. Paris is comprised of strong, built up curls that signify old and modern European worlds, while New York shines in its simplicity, with a cool, timeless pixie cut.

Tokyo utilises disconnected lengths that go from long to short, showcasing the modern rush of the Asian metropolis, while Barcelona is sculpted to indicate the artistic streets of the city.

London showcases UK punk with a faded modern Mohawk, and lastly, Cape Town conjures stormy clouds with a look that is dually texturally undone but structured.

Evoking the essence of these urban landscapes, Uros travels around the world in just six looks to indicate the height of global street style.


Hair: Uros Mikic
Makeup: Andrea Damyon
Photography: Simon Cecere
Styling: Mojca Bizjak-Mikic

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Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 1
Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 2
New York
Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 3
Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 4
Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 5
Urban Queens - Uros Mikic - Kinky Curly Straight 6
Cape Town