Renowned UK hairdresser Anne Veck has debuted a new collection, evoking her passion for the environment, sustainable values and broader thoughts on the cycle of life and death, as well as biodegradability, regeneration and sustainability at an organic and personal level. Welcome the images titled A Murder of Crows, and all they represent.

Following on from her award-winning 2019 offering titled Toxic Fashion, predicated on concepts of ethics and sustainability as they pertain to the fashion industry, this collection similarly aims to draw attention to environmental challenges of the modern day.

The collection was photographed in an Oxford allotment, embracing nature and highlighting the outdoors in a creative way. The collection is inspired by modern day fashion, as aesthetically fused with Victorian inspired styles.

“I always love working with one of my favourite photographer, Magic Owen, especially when we brainstorm a fabulous project like A Murder of Crows,” Anne said. “Magic wanted to create an atmospheric, macabre shoot and this combined perfectly with my thoughts about regeneration, life, death & sustainability, which led us to shoot in an allotment with added crows!”

View the full collection.


Artistic Director/Photographer/Video: Magic Owen
Styling Magic Owen
Hair/Wigs: Anne Veck
Model: Lauren Rose Mcgee
Makeup: Maria McKenna