A fortunate few were shown Jamie Stevens’ inspiring work firsthand, when he kindly visited and presented as part of the recent Matrix Playground tour. For those who didn’t make it to the event, firstly, what were you thinking? But secondly, we forgive you, and we’re here to show you a little bit of what you missed out on.

Jamie’s latest collection, to be considered for this year’s prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year award, is a stunning display of texture. Utilising short crops, unique shapes, complex braiding techniques and a myriad of exceptional cuts and styles, Jamie shows why he is always an awards-favourites, last year being inducted into the British Hairdressing Hall of Fame.

We know a picture tells a thousand words so we have roughly… 8000 words below that will inspire you more than we ever could. View the full collection below.


Hair: Jamie Stevens for Jamie Stevens Hair using Matrix Haircare
Photography: Chou Hachiro
Make Up: Pauline Briscoe
Products: Matrix Haircare
Styling: Ihunna Eberendu

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