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View KEVIN.MURPHY’s Latest Campaign Images

You’re familiar with Kevin Murphy’s work whether you’re aware of it or not – a noted champion of bold and beautiful hair, you’ve probably been inspired by his and the KEVIN.MURPHY brand’s editorial images (like these) or seen his hair creations at major events and runway shows, such as Myer’s seasonal offering and Melbourne Fashion Week each year.

For the brand’s latest campaigns, pictured here, Kevin once again presents this strong, editorial aesthetic, incorporating bright fashion with wearable hair styles, where tactile, visual hair quality is an obvious feature. The campaigns are delineated into two separate categories – the in-studio Unexpected Familiar campaign, which takes classic elements of traditionally beautiful hair and enhances them with Kevin’s own editorial edge, and the Outback collection, a more natural session offering from the brand.

For Unexpected Familiar, the images take on a futuristic theme, drawing inspiration from the Memphis design movement born in the 1980s, which was in turn inspired by Art Deco and Pop Art culture. Kevin drew on this aesthetic era – continuing a theme where the brand often harks back to the trends of yesteryear – merging it with the 60s and a current modernity, to create a group of images unparalleled in their sophistication.

The Outback collection puts this elegant hair out into nature, inspired by the brand’s own heritage, pairing edginess with softness in the looks. Warm tones, luxury, freshly-washed hair and an overall air of modern glamour define the collection, with juxtaposing features such as sequins against the natural backdrops, and, more broadly, harder elements against soft, natural style.

Playing with natural tones and salon-relevant techniques, Kevin Murphy and his team created another set of images to inspire your clients – and yourself.

See the campaign images below.


Hair: Kevin Murphy
Photographer: Luis Murphy

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Unexpected Familiar


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