The Sassoon Academy is back with a brand new range of images – the Poetica collection, which seamlessly fuses East and West. Eastern elements such as Chinese cheong-sams, Japanese kimonos and Korean hanboks are combined with more western aesthetics, such as utility fashion and modern sportswear. Meanwhile androgynous cuts, wild textures, vivid colours and exaggerated shapes take the aesthetic to a whole new realm.

The cuts, created by the academy’s International Creative Team as led by Mark Hayes, utilise close crops and techno bobs, all modern interpretations of the iconic Sassoon house codes of hair design. More intricately, disconnected elliptical sectioning patterns and concentric layering provide greater complexity. The collection also makes use of perming techniques, enhancing more minimalistic cuts with dramatic textures and an intricately wound directional flow to the hair.

For colour, bold patterns, intense colour and iridescent shades of sindooram, crimson, saffron, ebony, ecru and ivory evolve the cuts and distort each layer of the hairstyle – creating an interesting interplay between colour and style.

Treated with a modern hand, the collection pulls focus to Eastern rituals, primarily through the use of theatrical, fashion-centric and societal facets of Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture, all which contribute to the styling and overall aesthetic of the collection.

Those details are why you’ve probably never seen anything like it before. View the collection below.


Hair by: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier
Photographer: Benjamin Vnuk