Take a trip to somewhere more aquatic and a little more extraterrestrial with Richi Grisillo’s very conceptual, winning 2020 Australian Hair Fashion Awards NSW/ACT Hairdresser of the Year collection. The bold collection catches the eye with inspiring techniques, hues and aesthetics that break the mould and give considerable understanding to its award success.

Comprised of multi-dimensional hues with hero blues and pinks, the collection plays with shape, braided techniques and texture to take viewers both under water and truly out of this world.

Hero hair looks include a stitched, tentacle-esque blue braided long hair style, which dives into conceptual Avant Garde in a truly unique image, two uniquely shaped bobs that play with colour to evoke the look of jellyfish and a sky-high deep pink hair look. Other feature images include blonde long hair that looks actively suspended in space or water in its shape and structure and a bright auburn hair style that makes a creative impact in shape, section and changing textures.

Working with a team consisting of photographer Andrew O’Toole, makeup artist Mikele Simone and stylist Cheryl Tan, as well as Richi’s Academie Salon team and Wella Professionals product family, the collection is finished with ethereal, soft and sparkling fashion that only adds to the theme, and whimsical beauty looks where bright, colourful eyes are the makeup feature. Luminescent skin, soft fashion finishes and the bold hair colour looks shine against an endless grey backdrop, that seems to capture the light and magnitude of the overall aesthetic.

In its creative concept, bold theming and stunning execution, this is a collection that is sure to inspire.