The recent Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIAs) recognised talent at every level of the hair industry, from pioneers and established industry icons to emerging talents who present the future of the editorial hair community. Chief among them was Apprentice of the Year winner Paige Cameron of Cobelle Creative, who won for the VANADEY collection.

“Representing nature’s untouched and intricate beauty, VANADEY – meaning Forest Goddess – enchants us with her stories,” Paige said. “Each image is inspired by a wonder of nature. A tree knot twisted upon itself in frozen movement; a spider web wet and glistening between branches; moss clumped and matted in a rambling sprawl across the forest floor and dandelion sprouting indiscriminately as it reaches for the sun’s warmth.”

“VANADEY captures the essence of both simple and complicated beauty hidden within the small, and sometimes unnoticed, intricacies of the forest. It highlights how we often undervalue, or simply fail to appreciate, our own unique, natural beauty.”

It’s no wonder this skillful and conceptual collection caught the eye.

Photographic Credits:

Hairdresser: Paige Cameron
Photographer: Georgia Wallace
Makeup: Gemma Elaine