Paul James Graham of Paul & Paul Salon took to the stage twice at the Australian Hair Industry Awards, accepting the title of Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year and People’s Choice Photographic Collection of the Year. Both awarded for the FLAiR collection, Paul won in his entered Avant Garde category and then amidst every finalist collection for the coveted People’s Choice award.

The unique collection is set against a bubblegum pink backdrop, elevating the joyous aesthetic with bright and bold beauty, fashion and accessories and transforming hair as a construct.

“FLAiR is a collection inspired by Shanghai based fashion brand ShuShu/Tong and the beautiful personality of my 3 year old daughter,” Paul explained. “It is my alternative to the ominous or ethereal themes I feel are present in many other Avant Garde hair collections. My vision was to redefine femininity for the contemporary woman, crossing that line between girl and woman. My intent is to reimagine the conventional definition of femininity.

“In a time where many are existing behind face masks and closed doors, I wanted to offer up something vibrant and intense, yet soft and beautiful,” he continued.

FLAiR is bright, bubbly, original, skilful and like nothing else you’ve seen. With editorial inspiration and colours, shapes and design choices you can’t help but get lost in, we can see how this was the people’s choice.


Hairdresser: Paul James Graham
Salon: Paul & Paul Salon
Photographer: Nathan Duff
Stylist: Paul James Graham
Make Up Artist: Holly Smith
Models: CHIC Management & Tamblyn Models