Welcome the Australian Hair Industry Awards (AHIAs) Master Cutter of the Year collection, the majestic Medusa Bloom collection from Elle Schoemaker of Cobelle Creative. The ethereal group of images is inspired by one symbolic creature – the jellyfish.

“Mesmerising, graceful and enchanting, the jellyfish is a curious creature,” Elle said. “It’s sprawling tentacles appear translucent, yet capture lustrous colour. It’s gelatinous body moves with fluidity, pulsing and dancing with illuminated beauty.”

“Inspired by the intrigue of these creatures, Medusa Bloom captures the essence of sea jellies. Each image emulates their beauty as colours melt together. Contrasting textures with movement distort tones and shape, while complementary styling and photography create an illusion of motion. Medusa Bloom invites you to drift into a hypnotic space, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility.”

Be inspired by the collection.