Fittingly titled Optic, Danny Pato’s optical illusion hair collection won him the illustrious title of New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year at the inaugural Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative). Following on from his Hair Expo Awards wins, of which this awards platforms continues the legacy, this win is Danny’s fifth consecutive accolade in this category, an undoubtedly enormous achievement.

“Danny is the perfect example of an industry leader and has been incredibly inspiring to those around him,” said Linda Woodhead, Owner and Publisher of Mocha Publishing. “His winning collection showed off his incredible talent and I am excited to have him as an ambassador for the awards program and New Zealand. As with all our 2021 winners he is looked to both nationally and globally as an innovator in technique, trend and service.”

The inspiring collection is an artistic feat, as inspired by the 60s at their most creative and with a high fashion editorial edge.

“I was inspired by the 1960s,” Danny said. “Op Art, fashion, architecture and a monochromatic palette. I wanted to take some of the movements and obsessions of the 60s – space travel, New Wave and rebellion – and reimagine them for today.”

Danny is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of D&M Hair Design. He works full-time on the salon floor, as well as working in training his team, doing fashion editorials, writing industry commentary and entering international hair competitions, in which he continues to succeed.

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Hairdresser: Danny Pato
Photographer: Mara Sommer
Stylists: Danny Pato, Rachel Morton
Makeup Artist: Kiekie Stanners