Discover an eclectic collection by Michael Beel, titled The Age of Aquarius. Nominated for New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year at the 2021 Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative) and set against a patterned, mustard backdrop, the playful collection stands out with bold hair shapes, bright hues and unique fashion styling.

“In this crazy tumultuous world I wanted to create a feeling of fun and frivolity, an essence of true self expression and uniqueness,” Michael explained. “There has been so much darkness and I wanted colour. Using models with different ethnicities and gender identities helps celebrate the new world we will hopefully be living in, moving forward.”

“Styling and hair colour help showcase the different personalities of the models, which in turn allows the simple silhouettes and texture of the hair shapes to stand out. Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. This collection is right for the times we live in.”


Photographer: Karen Ishiguro
Makeup: Kiekie Stanners
Stylist: Claudia Li
Hair: Michael Beel
Hair Assist: Ronica Samang