The 2020 Australian Hair Fashion Awards and their worthy winners continue to inspire us in every category, and Men’s Hairdresser of the Year, King’s Domain barbershop educator Camille de Bondy, and her collection titled BRAVEHEARTS, offers a needed dose of mid-week creative motivation.

With Camille’s hair creations, fashion styling by Karly Brown, makeup by Maria Gullace and photography by Andrew O’Toole, the dream team created a group of images inspired by the 70s punk rock music scene and a generation of rebellion. Camille was influenced by significant bands of yesteryear, including the Sex Pistols and the Misfits, while also taking from today’s youth culture.

“I wanted to create extreme but tasteful imagery and I’ve always been drawn to the rawness in subcultures, especially in the music scene. There is so much
freedom there and I believe this is the direction we are revisiting again in todays culture. Its street meets punk, and punk never dies,” Camille said online.

Raw and grungy textures anchor bold styling and unique takes on cut, shape and paired techniques. Hair shapes in particular take the looks through wearability, to editorial to the Avant Garde, complemented by dapper fashion choices and a soft grey blue colour palette. The boyish aesthetic screams high fashion through its creation of true hair and fashion art.