Be inspired by Spectrum, the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs) Industry Choice Collection of the Year for 2020, created by Chung-Yang Su. The category was newly added for 2020, created to be open to any collection that could not be submitted for other events this year, as shot from January 1 2020. This spoke to the unique nature of 2020, in terms of events, artistic creation and editorial output, which the AHFAs accounted for in its live and livestreamed November event.

The creative team consisted of hair work by Yoshi Su and Sanja Scher, photography by Michaela Barca, styling by Jessica Jade, original jewellery by and makeup by Rokk Ebony’s Sarah Baxter, all of whom combined to create a collection that fuses hair, fashion, beauty, art and creativity seamlessly together. Revlon Professional products with Dyson Hair and ghd tools were instrumental in creating the looks.

This bold collection is an explosion of colour, experimenting with vivid, rainbow hues in audacious beauty looks, fashion choices, backdrops and hair styles. The collection flits between bright yellows, reds, blues, purples and greens, playing with bold accessories and details that give the collection its edge, as well as coloured lips, brows and eyes.

The hair looks show off blunt short bobs, pixie cuts and pigtails, alongside braided details, curved shapes and wet, paint-like textures. One look features hair knotted to act as a bow-tie, truly blurring the lines between hair, fashion and accessories.

Utilising every concept of colour, cut, style, shape and texture to make an impact, Spectrum is the colourful dose of hair inspiration you need right now.