Across the pond in the UK, the celebrated Russell Eaton art team present the Balayage collection, an ideal inspiration for trends heading into our Southern hemisphere summer.

The collection is comprised of four different trends under the balayage banner – Illuminated Balayage, Balayage Bob, Bronde Contour and High-Impact Instagram Ready Balayage, using Wella hues. These trends combine techniques of blended colours, contouring, working with re-growth, shadowing and a combination of foils and freehand application methods on different styles, to create looks that directly influence salons.

“We wanted to show just how difficult it is to create balayage on a bob – it’s one of the hardest hair lengths to work on when it comes to balayage, simply because you don’t have the same amount of hair to work on,” the team said of the Balayage Blonde look. “Balayage is very much about a seamless transition and blend of colour, so when working on a shorter hair length you have to make sure that is absolutely perfect. Contouring and thinking about where you lay the colour within the hair cut is also important – in this instance we added brightness around the face and really enhanced the curve of the bob and the texture within it.”

The trends are distinctly wearable, and cater to different age demographics, with the Illuminate Balayage tending to a younger client-base seeking sun-kissed blonde as an example. For the Bronde Contour look the team worked with rose gold tones, and always kept quality front of mind.

“Whenever working on darker bases, you always have to think about how light to go with balayage – and there’s lots to consider,” the team said. “For instance, is it better to keep the hair’s integrity and condition by going more golden or bronze, rather than lighter?” 

Staying distinctly editorial, the collection had a strong consumer focus and salon specific insights and tips to creating these looks.

“We hope this technique illustrates to the client that this is a two-stage or two visit process,” the team said of the Balayage Bob look. “Balayage is all about building on the lightness and the base that you are working on to create the perfect colour blend.”


Hair: Russell Eaton Art Team – Daniel Couch, Stephanie Fielding, Jade Norman & Robert Eaton
Art Direction – Robert Eaton
Products: Wella Professionals
Make up: Anna Wild
Photography: Ben Ottewell & Danny Mendoza