Kerrie DiMattia’s Discarded collection boasts a unique aesthetic, as photographed in an old brewery in Kerrie’s hometown, capturing the historic atmosphere of the space and speaking to the nature of passing time and the beauty within that.

“The Discarded imagery has an editorial vibe, while the styling has just a hint of nostalgia – the focus is on classically beautiful hair that is uncomplicated, simplistic and authentic,” Kerrie said. “The use of the morning light streaming through grimy windows eludes to one final dusk until dawn celebration, reminiscent of the glory of the venue’s history.”

“Whether we are talking about structures, possessions or people, the fact remains, we have a habit of casting aside or dismissing those that we perceive as “past their prime“ when in fact what we should be doing is celebrating what was and soaking up the culture, history and richness from the experience of days gone by,” she continued.

Kerri’s 39 years of industry experience inform these creative and editorial sensibilities, with national and international work across a variety of brands building her expertise to create inspiring editorial work. Kerrie still works on the floor at her salon, DiMattia and Co, in addition to her other impressive work across the industry.

View the full collection below.


Hair: Kerrie DiMattia

Photography: Pixie Bella Photography

Makeup: Sharon Fallon and Candice Chevalley

Styling: Katie Sutton

Salon: DiMattia and Co