Kylie Hayes from Moha Hairdressing inspires with the Echo collection, a group of images nominated for the New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year Award at the Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative) 2021, and which capture attention with bold patterns, hair shapes, textures, fabrics and hues.

“My world is heavily influenced by fashion and I drew inspiration from my expansive wardrobe.

Echo was inspired by the idea of ‘repeating’ the patterns, colours or textures that could be seen in the fabric of each model’s outfit,” Kylie said.

“I wanted to explore multiple techniques to demonstrate this. You can see the use of carpeting, weaving, hair paper and glitter placement. Every image is 100 per cent hair with the exception of one that uses feathers. I’ve been immersed in the many hours dedicated to creating these hairpieces, which have ultimately turned into pieces of art to echo throughout our industry.”

Be inspired by these works of hair art and fashion.

Photographic Credits:

Photographer: Rosanne Donaldson
Makeup Artist: Thirza Smith
Stylist: Kylie Hayes