The Rubi Hair team presents the Glamour collection, with the requisite glitz in every frame and unique hair shapes, patterns and textures that show off the talents of the whole team.

“We wanted shiny, bright hair and imagery that worked with different textures to show our creativity and skillset as a team,” the team said. “Through these differences we also wanted the images to come together as a collection that talks and represents who we are as a team. Accessories are trending and we wanted to have artistic images that are intricate, busy and full of life.”

Discover the glitzy group of images in all their adornments, details and retro glam.

Photographic Credits:

Photographer: Bernard Gueit
Stylist: Leroy Lorenzo
Makeup Artist: Olivia White
Hairdressers involved: Nikki Porter, Tom White, Michelle Klesman, Bailey Haggety, Cassandra Knez, Shanna Popowski, Adrian Kohnenkampf, Katie