Pauline McCabe’s alluring Homage collection was made a finalist for Hair Expo’s title of Australian Hairdresser of the Year, honoured for its skilful interpretation of hair cut, shape, style and form. Thematically, the collection is based on the work of Ara Gallant, the original and first paid session hairdresser for Vogue, as well as the works of photographers Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. This iconic 60s aesthetic motivated the inspirational collection.

“I wanted this to be about clean lines, to show the skill in classic techniques made relevant and modern. Structure, strong shape, volume, curves, restraint. There’s almost an abstract quality to the shapes, dressing, finger waves, pin curls, and a paring back in this collection,” Pauline said.

“The style of Ara Gallant’s hair mastery is complemented by the photographic style of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. These artists worked across an era that gave rise to black and white portraits and fashion photography, a timeless style that we still draw inspiration from today,” she continued.

The collection was shot in black and white, in a classic portrait, to evoke a deep contrast for a clean, crisp look and to really highlight line and volume. This style also draws from Irving Penn who was known to photograph subjects against a white or grey backdrop for effective simplicity. The collection was brought to life by fine art photographer Patrick Schuttler, whose work across landscape, portraiture and fashion showcases a classic, pure, disciplined aesthetic.

Traditional beauty with a bold lip, defined brows and winged eyeliner also reflects the strength and structure of the hair, with contouring offering depth within the black and white palette. Minimalist fashion styling with clean shapes also supported this structure, with detailed connections between hair and fashion in each image occurring through the collection.

“Each image provides a link between the styling and the hair, the shine of the leather reflecting the hair shine, the fringed jacket and the loose strands of hair, the strong lines in both outfit and hairstyle,” Pauline explained.


Collection Name: HOMAGE

Hairstylist: Pauline McCabe

Photographer: Patrick Schuttler

Stylist: Zoe Van Zanten

Make-up Artist: Hendra Widjaja