As the titled would suggest, the Inspire SS20 collection, created by an array of talented hairdressers under the Schwarzkopf Professional UK banner, is motivated by the brand’s annual and iconic Essential Looks collection, with the myriad of stylists each giving their own unique interpretation of the trend.

The collection is comprised of these individual looks, all inspired by that same brand output and aesthetic theme, and coming together as one group of images. These looks each took from the Punk Spirit, Refined Traditions and Let it Bloom trends, all of which were given voice in Essential Looks this year. These edgy, commercial and romantic aesthetics, respectively, are clearly delineated in the images and overarching characteristics apparent for each trend.

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Creative Director: Tyler Johnston

Hair by: Brooke Evans – BE Ironbridge, Donna Garnham – Hair Ministry, James Nicklin – Tim Scott Wright Hair Surgery, Katie Mulchay – Paint & Powder, Teri Lowe – Tim Scott Wright Hair Surgery

Photographer: Chris Bulezuik

Makeup: Claire Evans

Styling: Clare Frith

Let It Bloom
Let It Bloom – Brooke Evans, BE Ironbridge
Let it Bloom – Teri Lowe, Tim Scott Wright – The Hair Surgery
Let it Bloom – Donna Garnham, Hair Ministry
Let it Bloom – Katie Mulcahy, Paint & Powder
Let it Bloom Tyler Johnston
Let It Bloom – James Nicklin and Tim Scott Wright, The Hair Surgery
Refined Traditions
Refined Traditions – Brooke Evans, BE Ironbridge
Refined Traditons – Katie Mulcahy, Paint & Powder
Refined Traditions – Tyler Johnston
Refined Traditions – Teri Lowe andTim Scott Wright, The Hair Surgery
Punk Spirit
Punk Spirit – James Nicklin, Tim Scott Wright, The Hair Surgery
Punk Spirit – Donna Garnham, Hair Ministry
Punk Spirit – Tyler Johnston