Welcome a black and white collection focused on voluminous textures, unique shapes, eye-catching details and bold cuts – the haunting La Gloria collection by David Corbett, of David Corbett Hairdressing in Glasgow.

“Inspiration for this collection comes from a quote I love. ‘There has to be a beginning of any great matter but the continuing to the very end until it’s thoroughly finished yields the true glory’. Francis Drake wrote it when he overcame the Spanish armada. So La Gloria represents a decade of change for me, a body of work that captures my journey and reminds me what it means to speak our truth, believe in ourselves and never give up,” David said.

The evocative collection’s hero features include a short, blunt bob with an equally blunt, long fringe that is both editorially savvy and trendy and an array of voluminous textured looks including an eye-covering bold curl look and a dual aesthetic of sleek waves cascading into high volume. Another look of more intricate twists and braids evolving into wispy hair height captures the same dynamic. The collection also boasts a two-person choppy mullet style and a combed back look that fills out with volume in its subtly significant shape.

Complemented by dark eye makeup, lips and nails, deep shadows and the black and white palette, this is collection that captures you initially with its strong aesthetic and then continues your engagement with every detail.

Check out the full collection.


Hair: David Corbett, David Corbett Hairdressing, Bothwell, Glasgow
Stylist: Jared Green and Marika Page
Make-up: James O’Reilly and Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Photography: John Rawson