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View the Latest Image Makers Collection from Creative Collaborators

The Creative Collaborators course from TAFE NSW is designed to motivate and inspire students of all ages and experience levels – igniting that initial editorial passion in young students or re-familiarising more experienced hairdressers with the craft. Their latest collection – directed and helmed by session stylist Lauren McCowan – encapsulates that point. Students were on set to experience the day in a feature masterclass session, and these images are the final product.

The images are the result of an incomparable team, creating a collection that’s dually playful and sophisticated, editorial and salon-relevant and at the cross-section of peak androgynous style. Based on a famous quote from Jack Kerouac (““Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble makers. The round heads in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…”), the collection parts from the status quo while also offering looks you can actually create in a real-word salon or session setting.

The Creative Collaborators course is predominantly set online, with these feature masterclasses acting as highlights of the course. This inaugural photoshoot was followed up by a masterclass from Philip Barwick, with Sarah Laidlaw, Sharon Blain, Dennis Langford, Brett Albury and more set to come on set to teach the students in their own masterclasses.

The course contributes to the Graduate Certificate in Creative Hairdressing Leadership and runs for 12 weeks. Each 12-week series is delineated into three categories (Image Makers, Presenters and Event Directors) presenting an all-encompassing education destination for the leaders, educators and artistic hairdressers of today and tomorrow.

Don’t miss the November intake as it continues to inspire students around the country!

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Collection Credits:

Make Up: Chereine Waddell
Hair Assistant: Charmaine Belloir
Make Up Assistant: Gabriella Woodeforde
Fashion Stylist: Courtney Humphreys
Fashion Stylist Assistant: Natalie Rya
Models: Vonne, Jess, Jade and Holly – Debut Management
Producer: Julie Hagney
Executive Producer: TAFE NSW
Content Captured: Katrina Higham
Photographer: Jarred Stedman

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