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View The Mulled Wine Hair Colour Trend

The latest look in the Northern Hemisphere-dominated Instagram hair colour trend is cycle, is Mulled Wine Hair, and while it’s not exactly wintery mulled wine weather here in Australia, we’re not exactly going to say no to an alcohol-inspired trend, are we? If your clients aren’t looking to go blonde for summer, we may have the ideal opposing direction for them.

The trend is comprised of a deep, wearable berry red tone, with the requisite highlights and contouring that makes it more interesting and multi-dimensional. Considering the actual drink is comprised of wine, oranges, spices and other tantalising ingredients, dimension and diversity is key.

The trend takes familiar tones and puts them right into the spotlight, and could have your clients opting for a bolder, but still very wearable, colour look for the holidays. The look has been discussed on international news and beauty sites such as Bustle, Glamour, Metro, PopSugar and more, meaning your clients are bound to discover it online at some point and maybe try it themselves – or you could recommend it to the right client for their perfect new look and the ideal Instagram snap for your salon.

What do you think of the trend?

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