Renowned Australian hairdresser Pauline McCabe debuts Shapeshfiter, a hair fashion collection that explores shape and aesthetic as inspired by the concepts of masters of Japanese design, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme de Garçon by Rei Kawakubo, and Junya Watanabe. These pioneers designed their fashion to change form and shape due to the wearer, transforming from clothing to wearable art. Shapeshifter applies these bold principles to hair.

The collections plays with ideas of transformation – true for hairdressers both editorially and in salon. The hair looks range from high hair structures and architectural shapes to wild volume and sculptural forms, all of which intermix with and alongside each other. Other looks explore restrained styles, more detailed and subtle movement and hair shapes around the crown that follow the natural shape of the models’ head for true tailored style.

Photographed in black and white, the use of light and dark shadow play adds intensity and drama to the collection. Complementing the focal hair looks, the fashion styling uses fabrics such as rubber to reflect shine and mirror the hair, while exaggerated shapes and silhouettes call back to the Japanese designers that the collection has been created in reverence for.

Check out the full collection below.


Hair: Pauline McCabe

Salon: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Photographer: Jeremy Choh

Makeup: Hendra Widjaja

Stylist: Paul O’Connor