Welcome Soignée, a vibrant, unique collection, courtesy of Paula Hibbard, which acts as an ode to the 80s, with distinctly modern and Avant Garde touch points.

“Taking inspiration from this glamorous decade, it was my desire to create a collection reminiscent of both the ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Blade Runner’ eras of the 80s,” Paula said.

Paula, a renowned long hair expert, editorial stylist and hairdressing educator, mixed a glamorous aesthetic with gender fluid themes in a new-wave punk look to push artistic, creative and stylistic boundaries. She utilised hair as fabric to create architectural shapes, vivid chromatic colour placements and intriguing textures.

Hero looks include a multi-dimensional pink short hair style, as a female hair look that sees the head almost entirely shaven but still artful and feminine, as well as a blue-tipped edgy bob, modern beehive and sculptural double bun-based shape that’s both retro and futuristic. Wild curls, bright reds and dual tones also abound.

The neo-80s collection is luxe, bold, contemporary and nostalgic all at once, bringing the meaning of Soignée – elegant – into 2020 in a way that catches the eye.

See the full collection below.


HAIR: Paula Hibbard


MAKEUP: Rachel Montgomery

STYLIST: Josie McManus

ASSISTANT CUTTER: Michael Belcastro