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Readers, allow us to make your week, with a heavy dose of editorial inspiration courtesy of British hairdressing legend (and former British Hairdresser of the Year) Darren Ambrose.

The Soul Collection is inspired by, well… you. That is, energy and people in general. Each image was individually inspired, based on each model’s form and eclectic DNA to create something unique. A natural, feminine and bare feel gives this individuality a more uniform feeling.

With the hair, the focus was on how the it is caught in the light, working with vintage colour tones to show off this aesthetic. Iridescent and saturated colour in bold and multi-dimensional hues was applied freehand with tie-dye techniques creating the unique final looks. A modern and organic approach to shape finished the collection to its true editorial pinnacle.

See all the images below.


Hair: Darren Ambrose

Photography: Jenny Hands

Makeup: Mary Jane Frost

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