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The Matrix film meets the cyber punk street trend in Mary Alamine’s (of Royals Hair fame) newest collection. The men’s collection draws on Mary’s own affinity for black fashion styling (as so many hairdressers can attest to), merging in this fashionable cyber punk culture as well as one of Mary’s favourite movie styles.

“The Twins from the Matrix is what really brought on the idea to bring this to life,” Mary shared of her inspiration. “I loved their characters in the movie and used them as inspiration for some of the looks in the shoot in particular the flicking dreadlocks.”

This aesthetic pervades the collection in every sense, from fashion styling based on the aforementioned dark colours with avant-garde pieces and contrasting textures (think spikes and patent leather) against moody makeup, including darkness around the eyes, enhanced features and black body paint. The photography is centred around moody lighting, in black and white with a gradient backdrop.

The hair styling features dread locks, Samurai-inspired shapes, modern cuts and elements that can find relevance in the salon or the barber chair – all shot close up to emphasise the hair.

Turn on your Matrix rewatch and peruse the Trojan collection below.


Photographer: Daniel Knott

Stylist: Angela Liang

MUA: Stefanie Petitto

Hair: Mary Alamine

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