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Presenting the Uncommon Collection, a group of images created by Charlene Fernandez of rokk ebony to visually demonstrate the idea of moving from darkness to light, or struggle to triumph. The hair represents this after-phase, in its boldness and vibrancy, surrounded by deep blacks and greys that exaggerate the distinction.

This dull background is made to represent the darkness caused by self-doubt and fear, with natural, glowing makeup made to showcase vulnerability. The styling, comprised of detailed, expensive garments, was designed to emulate strength and independence. The looks peak with the creative hair looks, which represent new beginnings in a mural of colours and shapes.

“I wanted the sleek and beautiful edge of editorial shapes but I knew in order for these woman to fit into the Uncommon tribe their hair needed to be completely captivating,” Charlene shared. “This is where the hair colour comes in. I have used colour to show off texture and to create optical illusions. I wanted to showcase the beauty of unusual colour when it is done in a clever way. A broad spectrum of colour was used in strategic areas, to flirt with the eye and keep it captive.”

Conceptual and creative, Charlene utilises hair, styling, beauty and photographic elements to capture larger themes about self-discovery and self-worth. View the full collection below.


Hair by Charlene Fernandez, Creative Director @rokkebony
Makeup – Sarah Baxter
Photographer – Elizabeth Kinnaird
Stylist – Melissa Nixon


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