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Viral Trend Alert: Succulent Hair

Colourists these days draw inspiration from everywhere, we mean literally everywhere from plumes of smoke to petrol. With that in mind, the latest Instagram trend has a relatively pretty basis, inspired by everyone’s favourite pot plant, the succulent.


Using the natural hues found in these plants (think predominantly green and purple, with some teal and pink) colourists worldwide are creating a bona fide new trend under the hashtag #succulenthair. The colour can be applied to the full head of hair or strategically placed for an even more wearable look.

The term has now been hashtagged hundreds of times, landing it in online publications such as PopSugar, Bustle, Allure, Refinery 29, Elle UK and Teen Vogue – so your clients will be hearing about it soon enough.

Boost your profile by creating your own social media #succulenthair creation and posting it to Instagram to put yourself in contention for the trend’s rapidly growing media attention – bonus points if you feature it next to an actual image of a succulent to point out the similarities.

#succulenthair using all @joico color intensities

A photo posted by Vivid Studio by Lindsay Racca (@hairbylindsayracca) on

Where do you fall on this trend – do you love the colours and its propensity to draw clients into salons to create a hair look they couldn’t possibly do at home? Or do you tend to look at the never-ending array of rainbow hair trends with more scorn? Personally, we feel any trend pushing clients to be more creative (and head to the salon more often) is a win!

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