The Australian F.A.M.E. team began their reign with Indigo, a fashion-forward outing at GenNext. Led by Murphy Gozzard’s Brett McKinnon, the team, consisting of Alex Newman, Jordan Hone, Luke Harris and Maria Unali, showed just why this promising group has already reached such heights.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_343

Wearing street style fashion that included graffiti prints, oversized jackets, and other eclectic pieces, every part of the show provided a point of difference. Take the makeup looks that paired bold lips with vivid eye shadow… on just one eye. These male and female looks were indicative of the New York streets crossed with high fashion runways.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_349

Hair was kept minimalistic in size but detailed and edgy in design, in keeping with the show’s contrasting aesthetics. Structured fashion pieces were complemented by free flowing hair, whilst bigger garments were met with sharper cuts, as the group explored both the interplay between fashion and hair and their own unique styles.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_361

Sponsored by Excellent Edges, Cloud Nine, La Biosthetique and evo, the Australian F.A.M.E. showed more than ever why they’ll be worth watching over the next year – and no doubt their successful careers to follow.

Watch the full show below.

Images by Oneill Photographics.