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WATCH GenNext: Industry

Industry, a group of hairdressers from New Zealand, took their creative inspiration from old music and movies, resulting in a conceptual showcase at GenNext.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_234

The show, titled Parfum, started with a black and white film clip, with themes of darkness, deceit and evil. The introduction of models presented a contrasting lightness that provided an impactful lift.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_230

Dressed only in white, with floral embellishments, in detailed garments, the models conveyed an image of innocence. With all models wearing the same blonde tone, big, bold Avant Garde shapes grabbed attention. Utilising original takes on regal hair shapes, an army of blonde models, all clad in white with innovative up styles was a sight to behold.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_248

Congratulations to the whole team, Nicole Gordon, Shane Beveridge, Ruth Irwin, Kelly Manu, Denise Taylor, Wei Jiang, Darragh Sheppar and Kiri Anna Roberts, on this mixture of classicism and innovation. The artistic answer to your favourite old film.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_254

Watch the full clip below.

Images by Oneillย Photographics.

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