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WATCH GenNext: La Biosthetique

Both the opening show of GenNext and what was eventually voted People’s Choice, La Biosthetique’s Utopia show was an intricate exploration of life.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_039

Created by the Nouveaux Talent Group, a selection of emerging talents that the brand is developing, Utopia explored life in three phases, each with their own aesthetic highlights. The first phase was present as a dark confined world, where the characters wish to launch themselves into the new renaissance world. This was conveyed with black garments and the symbol of the dream catcher in the hair.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_069

The second phase was a return to nature, with an organic essence shown through clean lines, and white orchards in the hair. This allowed for a monumental finish with the third phase, centering on emergence. This pivotal figure was of the queen, emerging from nothingness in the desert to her eventual rule. Again white tones and the dream catcher aesthetic were brought back, giving the show a cyclical structure.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_061

The show was created by the Nouveaux Talent Group Hairdressers, listed as Alexander Fuchs, Rachael Fuchs, Jodi Nicholson, Joel Mc Laren, Rumbie Mutsiwa, Erin Fryer, Ryan Baldwin, Stephen Grech, Jackie Reyna, Stefanie Commisso, Laura Priori, Gaberiella Libertini, Casey de Ferranti, Nathan Shew, Bec Wyatt, Erin Widt, Fiona Hamilton, Kelly Bowling, Katherine Fletcher and Dimitee Spriggs.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_057

With attendees texting in their favourites and Utopia emerging eventual winners, it’s clear this artistic exploration of life struck all the right chords.

Watch the full show below:

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Images by Oneill Photographics.

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