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WATCH GenNext: The GenNext Project

Sponsored by giants of the industry, including Tracey Hughes Education, Big Towel, Australian College of Hair Beauty and Make Up and, most prominently, Sharon Blain Art of Education, a young group of skilled stylists showcased the power of collaboration. Technology and talent culminated in a show entitled Translucent Aures.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_136

The group consisted of Breea Gal, Sophie Butson, Hollie Spence, Craig Walker, Brittany Cristaudo, Demelza Button, Demelza Button, Martika Styles and Amanda Nedza, who entered a competition to be in the team. Despite not meeting in person until the day before the event, the group communicated via technology to develop their own artistic aesthetic.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_152

A special plastic cube, shown off to the audience by Sharon before the show, made for some innovative new looks. Different materials and a myriad of colours were used to create vibrant, plastic creations, in lieu of using real hair. The edges fanned out and the pieces captured the light as the models walked the runway.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_145

Creativity at its finest, this talented group showed that a little bit of plastic and a lot of ingenuity can go a long way.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_163

Watch the full show below:

Images by Oneill Photographics.

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