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WATCH GenNext: Youthworx

The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC)’s Generation Y contingent closed GenNext with a show that playfully a 21st century culture of narcissism.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_455

Titled Narcissism and Creation, the screen flashed images of famously narcissistic pop cultural icons, think Zoolander and Kanye West, alongside beacons of our self-obsessed society – selfies, seflie sticks and beauty culture in general.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_463

This playful theme was translated in the show aesthetic. Wigs, hair pieces, pulled out braids, cornrows and a myriad of colours were complemented by floral and jewelled hair accessories, fashion ranging from street style to big gowns, eyebrow embellishments and face and body paint. The group made it clear that this is a culture of excess.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_497

Evocative looks utilised conceptual designs. Models were turned into disco balls, shown with a complete tribal aesthetic or given a complex woodland aesthetic, with each look individualised accordingly. Hair was built high and big or shone in its minute complexities, including detailed braids and sections that were more of a highlight on a closer look.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_466

A mix of cultures and aesthetics, the show was unified in the over-arching theme of self-obsession, throwing everything on stage to communicate this generation’s culture of extremes.

HE15 GenNext Gala (Online)_481

Congratulations to the whole team, consisting of Amelia colley, Hannah Escano, Dion la Bella, Simone Jade Menenti, Luci Monaghan, Sarah Penno, Nadia Semanic, Monique Missy Veyret, Luanne Wagensveld and Lisa Muscat Vitale, mentored by Philip Barwick, Richard Kavanagh and Rachel Busby.

See the final show here.

Images by Oneill Photographics.

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