You’re probably familiar with the ‘100 layers of…’ vlogging trend, and if you aren’t, that means you spend a healthy amount of time away from the Internet and we envy you. To catch you up, vloggers (that’s video bloggers for those who truly live in the real world) take a challenge to wear 100 layers of… something, really anything – fake tan, foundation, face mask, nail polish (which was actually the video that started this whole insane craze), lipstick or (as an homage to Joey Tribbiani) clothes. The results are predictably chaotic.

@KayleyMelissa on YouTube

Like most Internet trends, its best to just embrace the insanity, rather than question it, which brings us to famous Youtube hair vlogger Kayley Melissa who chose to wear 100 layers of hair extensions in the latest take on the craze (she even – impressively – braided the mammoth amount of hair into the world’s largest fishtail braid during the video).

In just a couple of weeks since it was uploaded, the video has been viewed over 3 and a half million times. It’s no surprise that people are clamouring to view the #hairmountain, which reportedly weighed a good couple of kilos by the time it was done, leaving the vlogger in understandable pain. Do we need to point out that you and your clients should most certainly not try this at home?

Now that we have that warning out of the way, watch in simultaneous delight and horror as Kayley definitely uses these extensions as they were not intended to be used, and hope ‘100 layers of shampoo’ isn’t the next viral video on your newsfeed.