Men’s skincare just had an overhaul thanks to new market entry THE SKILLS, which offers clean, classic skincare ideal for the modern man. In an evolving collection of products perfect for everyday use, specialised formulas developed by a multi-disciplinary team of formulators, creative directors and visionary experts bring THE SKILLS to your nearest bathroom cabinet.

THE SKILLS combines the highest quality active ingredients and a suave design aesthetic, overall presenting the characteristics of the quintessential THE SKILLS consumer, that is, a persistent, hard working man.

“You’ve put in work, you understand the hustle, you see the future and aspire to be learning daily. We knew every product had to have a purpose in your lifestyle. It had to show results and you needed to need us. We weren’t going to trade one product’s efficacy for another, the aim was to never miss and provide you with a set of back to back wins,” a brand statement said.

Offering men a savvy set of skincare products all to themselves, this new line takes men’s beauty from basic to truly skilled, with a starting set of five product offerings – the Detox Day Face Mask, Anti-Aging Foaming Face Wash, Auto Correct Face Serum, Clear Combat Duo and Skillset.

The brand’s breakout hero product Detox Day Face Mask offers consumers a true skincare purpose by performing at rapid speed. Comprised of potent Green Clay, with Lactic Acid and other high performing AHA, the product soaks up excess oil and unclogs pores. The combination of ingredients act as dual pore vacuums, correcting bad skin days quickly and building an even skin tone.

Next, the brand’s Anti-Aging Foaming Face Wash is the ultimate deep clean, providing instant oil reduction without drying out the skin’s natural protective barrier. Advanced actives such as Retinol (Vitamin A) and Peptide-8 allow the bold product to renew and restore, combining with Sandalwood and Agonis Branch to truly cleanse.

Another routine necessity comes courtesy of the Auto Correct Face Serum, packed with over 40 ingredients using only the leaders in advanced skin technology. Touted as the ‘Hyaluronic King’ this product aims to turn back the clock and reverse ageing by boosting collagen production, brightening skin tone, alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and tackling inflammation in a non-oily and non-irritant formula.

The brand’s prime pair is The Clear Combat Duo, which fights breakouts by combining the Detox Day Face Mask and Auto Correct Face Serum, utilising the first product as an essential treatment and the latter as a daily antidote to moisturise and soothe. The Skillset is all three products offered and utilised together for an essential skincare regimen that combats problematic skin and facilitates a healthy skincare rhythm.

A cabinet essential as a 21st century approach to modern masculine skincare, welcome THE SKILLS and never look back.

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