Celebrated Australian hairdresser, salon owner, colourist and educator Monique McMahon, of QUE Academy, has used her two decades of industry experience to pioneer the hair education sector further, launching DIGITAL.QUE.ACADEMY to be a new dedicated online portal of education particularly focused on colour, with some style education as well.

“Being a strong colour salon, I need all my team to consistently deliver the high standard of work we’re renown for. I designed this platform with the goal of it becoming the backbone of my own salon’s education program. I really wanted a way to inspire strengthen and elevate my team in a measurable way,” Monique said.

The platform aims to transform traditional approaches to colour, with trending techniques, innovative application methods and a unique colour language specifically built to ensure quality, ease and efficiency. The platform is designed as a one-stop-shop for salon education and an easily accessible hub ideal for the whole salon team.

“We’ve done the hard work for salons not knowing where to start with in-salon education. Our digital courses set the foundations for the future,” Monique said.

The dynamic course highlights Monique’s signature looks and techniques, including her popular FreeStyle Colour and Foil Like A Boss methods, in engaging ways. Ten courses and multiple single streams are already on offer for you to peruse and learn from, with each month revealing four new streams and a live Q and A session. The digital library also includes virtual classrooms, step-by-step E-books and downloadable cheat sheets.

“Begin by watching one of the streams – then study the technique in more detail via the corresponding E-books, which really break down the steps on how to achieve it. Next up, go to work on a model or dolls head and start the practical session to really lock your new technique in. Once you’ve completed a stream, you’re ready to start the next. It’s that simple,” Monique shared.

“Digital.Que.Academy is an easy way to elevate your team to deliver 100 per cent client satisfaction. From consultation tactics to trending technique, and of course recreating the famous ‘Brushed Out Blow-Dry’ hosted by our creative director Taylah Jones,” she continued.

Monique personally recommends the Ultimate Fundamental Toolkit option as a starting point to increasing colour turnover and strengthening team culture. The in-depth bundle also delivers site-wide access to all the academy’s assets for 90 days straight.

The tiered pricing structure allows students to purchase particular resources, streams or larger education packages at their leisure, so you can choose the education level that suits your needs.

“Want more? We’ve got it coming. You’ll have so much content at your fingertips, you’ll be able to level up,” Monique enthused.

For more information visit digital.que.academy