You’ve known it, we’re sure, as s.81, the high-profile salon that’s been creating effortless hair since the early 80s (1981, to be precise, as that former name would suggest). However, the salon has a fresh space, new name and almost entirely different identity. Meet Salon Kiin, the salon space with the privilege of these decades-old traditions and values to underpin its new and innovative developments.


Led by renowned hairdresser Maria Unali, who brings with her a wealth of family experience in hairdressing, Salon Kiin focuses on themes of sustainability and salon-relevant hair, welcoming clients with its own distinct energy. The salon space was designed by interior stylists We Are The Triibe, who imbued it with an eco-friendly, Scandinavian aesthetic, including greenery, blonde wooden embellishments, marble floors and calm white tones. We dare any client to feel stressed in this serene environment.


The salon is also proud to partner with Sustainable Salons Australia in its bid to achieve zero waste, sustainable work practices and a reduced carbon footprint, all within the greater desire to give back to the Greater-Western Sydney community and planet at large. This community ethos is built into the salon’s DNA- and name, which is a play on the word ‘kin’, meaning of the same kind, and usually used in the context of children or family.


For a new salon, Salon Kiin already feels part of that Penrith family, reaping the best of both worlds. While its design, ethos and goals reflect its updated identity, it retains its old family values and is steeped in a history that evokes its timelessness.



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